LiveCode – Next Generation HyperCard?

I use LiveCode every day; I literally couldn’t produce the results I produce without it.

Now Runtime Revolution Ltd, the owner of LiveCode, is seeking Kickstarter funding to ready the ancient LiveCode codebase, which began its life in the 90’s as a Unix app, for going open source! This is a VERY good thing! Once it becomes open source, everyone – teachers, kids, hobbyists, YOU – can use it for free.

Remember HyperCard? Probably not, unless you were using a Mac in the late 80’s. HyperCard gave ordinary people an ease of accomplishment with digital data they had never experienced. Today you can still find pockets of HyperCard activity, though Apple pulled it from the market in 2004. And it won’t run on modern Macs.

LiveCode is the rightful heir of the HyperCard legacy, and offers similar personal empowerment but with current-world capabilities. It can be a rocket ride!

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