I’m Phil Davis and PDS Labs is the nickname of my software development and consulting business, of which I am sole proprietor.

My company has employed me full-time since late 2005. I have a good double-handful of contract associates across the US and beyond, with whom I collaborate on projects whose requirements go beyond my areas of expertise. I live by the philosophy that none of us is as smart as all of us. (Thank you Ken Blanchard.)

In the late 70’s during a receptive moment, my cousin (a programmer) gave me some advice that diverted me from pursuing a teaching career and put me on the road to programming and systems development. I took my first programming position in 1978 where I started at $7.03 an hour.

Two absolutely electric, transformative, jaw-dropping moments in my career were when I first interacted with a Macintosh, and when I first interacted with the World Wide Web. Runner-ups were my first exploration of HyperCard and my first productive moment with a worldwide Unix network. There was also creating my first iPhone app, but I was pretty jaded by then.