A Replacement for Time Machine

A week or two ago, I discovered that the admin software on my QNAP TS-251+ NAS doesn’t play well with Time Machine (or maybe vice versa) – instead of deleting oldest files to make room for the new, the space allotted for TM just fills up and TM fails silently. So I’ve been reading about all the products out there, searching for an adequate replacement.

Today I turned off Time Machine on all our Macs and started using Arq for all backups. Its non-Java native app backs up everything to my NAS as well as to my Amazon Drive. If I used Windows machines for anything except testing, its native Windows app could back those up as well.

I chose not to keep my old TM backups. I’m sure there’s nothing there I don’t also have in some other form. (So I ask myself, “Then why do you need backups?” Well, “other forms” means on the hard drives of various local machines. In the case of theft or other device loss, it would be gone forever.)

Problem solved! Now I can quit stressing over potential data loss.

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