I love to build things.

When I was a kid in the 60’s, I loved working on cars – mostly European models. I loved making them do more than they were originally designed to do. Then the summer of ’68 (with the help of my Dad) I landed the absolute dream job – I was a mechanic-in-training at a place called Performance Engineering. Up to my elbows in British, Italian and German engines all day long, and even getting paid for it!

It wasn’t long before I realized that, while it was quite possible to get significant performance gains out of most cars, those gains usually involve changes in hardware and come with an equally significant price tag. Personally I couldn’t afford it.

Then in 1978 after college, marriage and children, I became a junior programmer in a large company and my passion was reawakened. I discovered I could make significant performance adjustments to software¬†“engines”¬†without the cost of physical hardware changes! It was a liberating realization.

As I moved from the mainframe world into desktop and internet development, things just got better and better. Long story short, I now stay busy building high-performance digital solutions for my clients, to their great satisfaction. And I even get paid for it!

I love to serve others.

Every day, I get to make life a little better, easier, less stressful for my clients and all their customers. Because of my contribution, peoples’ lives are improved. At the end of the work day they go home smarter, or less frustrated, or more confident in their abilities because of the tools I helped build, and that gives me real joy. Ultimately, my solutions are always about people.