The Mark Smith Collection

Mark Smith was an active member of the use-livecode list and made some great contributions to the community until his untimely death in 2012. Among those contributions were the Livecode code libraries listed below.

Here are some comments about Mark, pulled from use-livecode list archives:

Very nice that Mark explicitly shared these with free licenses. His
contributions are very valuable additions to the community.
—¬†Richard Gaskin, 21-Nov-2012

Mark’s experiments often pushed the Rev envelope. His Waveform stack blew
me away with it’s cleverness, however, there are a few bugs that appear in
more recent versions of livecode which I hope to repair and re-post
someday. We were going to collaborate on audio extraction from stacks, and
he inspired me to look further into it.

BTW, Mark’s library for reading META data from mp3 files will work in the
Livecode server environment. Some of the data tables are stored in custom
properties, but in tests with Server 5.0.2 show it works just like the
— Stephen Barncard, 21-Nov-2012

The Mark Smith code libraries are here:

Updates to the libraries by other LiveCode developers:

id3libV1.0.3.livecodescript by Paul McClernan (on github)